Imagining and Interpretations

My imagination is the starter for the art I create. It is much like the starter for Erin’s sourdough bread. I’ll have an idea that must be expressed and my brain fires my imagination, flips on my inner switch to create, and I’m off. I’m off to interpret my vision. Sometimes I release it for others to see. Not often, but often enough to categorize them as glimpses–be it through the lens of My Therd Eye, through words of a story, or especially through a drawing.

We all have these things we’ve “gotta do or die.” A bird’s gotta sing. A bell’s gotta ring. The moon’s gotta shine as sure as the sun owns the sky. And that’s how I feel about do-or-die drawing on the fly. It can’t wait. I let it lay for far too long. So, I’ve answered my studio’s cry of “Girl, you’ve been away too long! Welcome home.” And so, I whisper, “I’m back . . .” Forever imagining, interpreting and re-interpreting visions.


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