Colored Sugar Babies?

See what I got! They came in yesterday’s mail. Written on the envie is “Rattle Ok.” LOL! I thought, “Hmm. Candy?” Oh, no. It’s something a hundred times better. Take a look-see.

This is the top row. There are three in all. Each one prettier than the first. A gentle spill onto my lap desk and . . .  Just look.

Tell me these don’t look like colored Sugar Babies, and I’ll know you’ve never had a bag. Or what about those big colored Easter egg candies? The ones with the hard sugar-coating and soft centers. You can taste the dye no matter how hard you try not to. The best thing about these? They’re not candies! No-o-o. They’re . . .

They’re a gift from a new friend. These are so special. I tried the brown one. Made gentle little marks on a toothy piece of paper. I am so gone. In like. Waiting to give the box a work-out. Tell me . . . Have you rocked recently? Show me what chew got. Um, thanks in advance.


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