I love the little flowers whose parents are the weeds we try to kill off for the sake of grass. The HOA hates them enough to fine homeowners if they see them, so I guess I’m fortunate that most of our weeds are out back.

I enjoy using my macro lens. It allows me to see the things less seen along a path less traveled. So to speak. It’s the one found somewhere between the larger view and the one seen only with a microscope.

Joy is where you find it. Right? Well, some of mine lies in blooming weeds. I get to take their photos, upload them to iPhoto for a look-see, and I get to draw them. Then I can turn them into postcards. This one is “Weed Mail.” I hope they’ll spread like weeds, but I’ll have to sow then first, won’t I? Doesn’t matter. I love to draw. I like weeds that offer me flowers.


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