I had a friend in South Carolina named Treely. She had an infectious smile, a winning personality, big dreams and belief in others. She loved to talk. Her surname was Booth. Treely, this one’s for you.

Couldn’t find my lino kit from several years ago so I picked up an inexpensive four piece kit at Aaron Bros., and Mama, look what I did! It took me roughly an hour, since I skipped several steps, and drew my tree and sun/moon directly onto the “Speedy Carve.” I learned how to carve as went along. On the fly, if you will. It’s one of the most spectacularly stress-free pursuits a body can engage in. Oh, I do hope you’ll try it. 

The Speedball Stamp Making Kit includes the 4 x 6 piece of “Speedy Carve,” two blades, a lovely wood handle, 1 4 x 6 piece of transfer paper, 7 templates, and instructions. I used the whole piece for one stamp. How do you think I did, considering I’m a beginner? LOL. Be gentle with your critiques.

On to another creation!

BTW, I used Stampabilities’ Orange acid free pigment ink pad. It can be used for embossing. Hmm. Oh, happy day!


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