A Box of Berds


Coming up the stairs after a walk around the back yard, where I found two halves of a light blue . . . BRB. Gonna get my camera and show you . . . 


See? They live in the vent space above the stove. There’s an entire family with several newborns because they chirp all day and into the evening. Before they were born . . . Never mind. This isn’t about them so I’ll save it for later. The birds reminded me of a friend. She’s a New Zealander, and she often told me I was a box of birds. That brought on memories of the baby biddies that came in the mail when I was a girl. My grandmother ordered little yellow biddies that grew into chickens. Those biddies were shipped in boxes. A box of baby chicks were indeed a box of berds. So I shuffled on upstairs, found a pencil grabbed a sketchbook and commenced to drawing. 

Yes, I have a box for a model. It sat in the hallway just outside the door. Things went well until I had to move it. The perspective changed along with the light and view point. Then the marker bled in a weird way, and I (Don’t ask why.) drew a black line . . . I know what’s wrong! I haven’t eaten all day. When I do I will draw another box of berds.


No wonder Shadrach looked askance at the drawing. Like he can talk with his own imperfections. Ha!


One thought on “A Box of Berds

  1. limner1 April 15, 2012 / 8:39 pm

    Thanks for your likes. 🙂

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