PAPER 53 or Learning to Have Fun a Whole New Way

I like paper. I like writing on paper. I like drawing on paper. I like Paper 53. I like learning how to use Paper 53 on the iPad.










In the beginning I was too excited to be intimidated. I was like a kid with my first crayons. You know I didn’t need a manual, right? The best way to get wet is to dive right in; and so I did. I checked out every possible way to make pretty marks. I turned eyes into fish. I went all abstract. I sketched. I made random art. Oh, what fun!

Wanting to master the app, I watched the video. Aha! It was intimidating. I became intimidated. My doodles turned timid. Before then I was working three or four sketchbooks. Showed my stuff to anyone who would look at it. Then I was too intimidated. I snubbed my nose at Insomnia with 53 in a circle. I had fun. I had fun in living color! Then I was intimidated. I put it aside. For weeks. Then a month. Time passed.

Last night I caught up on some of my favorite blogs. INSOMNIA. I like this blog: Other artists inspire me. This one does for sure. And, since I want to be as good on an iPad as I think I am on paper, why I had to take up my stylus yet again, and march forward to conquer that old enemy, Doubt. The only way I can slay it is with . . . Practice, practice, practice! Right?

Training my stylus to do what my brain and my arm tells it, is rewarding beyond measure. When I experiment without hearing my worst critic, I have fun. I work my stylus (BAMBOO) the way I once worked my crayons! So. Here I go again . . .


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