The Palomino

I am fond of good pencils. My favorite drawing is a carpenter’s pencil. It holds a variety of widths. My second favorite is the Palomino Black Wing. The graphite is almost too perfect. The point glides across the paper. Its heft is ideal. Its extra length is a minor drawback. It’s too long for my boxes and pouches, but I like the idea that it might last longer than my other pencils. The only thing that really annoys me is the eraser. It is not a good one. It barely removes the marks I want gone.

I do like the magic hidden within the Palomino’s wooden body. I like it so much that I wrote a letter with one once. My hand skimmed across the surface of the page.

Uh, oh. I did have to sharpen it a lot though. Too often, if I am to be totally honest. But, I enjoyed sharpening new points. The blades never failed. Not once. BTW, the erasers are meant to be replaced. Not sure I will ever order new ones, since I prefer my kneaded eraser instead.


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