Whosain Molt

Okay. There is no pretending that this is a stellar drawing. I have done very little art work since my sister passed on, so am more than rusty; yet, this is good enough for me. Sheesh. Am distracted by the bulge. BRB. Gotta go fix it.

Okay. It is done. I am too lazy to scan another copy, so I hope you will take my word that the tweaked drawing is much better. So. I did the sketch for my brother, who is the only person I know who doesn’t the name of the fastest man on the planet. To help him out, I decided to send him the entire Olympics 2012 sport section of the NYT I’ve been saving for any possible future grands that might come my way. Since I could not send him such marvels in a plain white envelope, I tarted it up just a little. Hope you get at least a smile from my efforts.

Be well.





Um . . . a friend saw this one and asked “Why are they called the pointer sisters?” Not snickering ’cause am not sure if I’ve posted this one before. If I did, and I have, it would be a lot like the pot calling the waffle iron aluminum. He-he.

Please, please, PLEASE, tell me you get it. You get the posters, too, right?



The limnerichtys is a fresh water fish that is solely indigenous to Texas. It prefers roomy ponds, creeks and streams. The female carries her eggs in a transparent sac on her lower back until just before time for them to hatch. When Mom Nature calls “Time!”, limnerichtys escapes to a dark shallow part of her habitat, and she slips into a trance-like state of stasis. Before long, her young shoot from the sac and into the water behind her. When mama fish is empty, she shakes her fins and her tail propels her several feet away from the nursery. And she’s off.